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Greener and Cleaner Tree Services at Wenham, Massachusetts

Green and clean trees, fresh air, birds all around are what make up an ideal house or ideal properties. So make your trees clean and green by us, the best tree Service Wenham Massachusetts. We are the best tree servicing in the town of Wenham, MA. As the best tree Service Wenham MA located in Wenham MA, we provide services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree stump grinding etc. We are a well trained and a certified team with a professional outlook towards work and we provide excellent service at a very reasonable Wenham MA Tree Service Prices and assure full customer satisfaction with our services.

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Why are Wenham Tree Service Prices Affordable?

  • We have professionally trained and certified teams who have passion for their work.
  • At affordable Wenham Tree Service Prices you can avail services of different equipments like specialty cranes, chip trucks, bucket trucks, logging trucks and spraying trucks as per your requirements.
  • Emergency Services available all seven days in a week round the clock.
  • Latest Modernized equipment for perfection at work with high safety precautions
  • Free Tree Assessment Facility
  • Lot Clearing service at any condition
  • Storm Damage tree Clean-up
  • Special Plant and tree Health Care Services : Insect Control Service, Plant disease management, Soil Nutrition and quality, Mosquito and tick spraying
  • ProBark Wholesale Mulch
  • Availability of Organic Compost Tea
  • Excellent Customer Support Forum with large satisfied customer base.
  • Professional Advice for the tree and shrub care.
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal

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If you need our service, then you may contact us on our office number or email us. The office hours from Monday to Friday are 8:00 am-5:00 pm. You can get a free estimate for the work via email and we will start the procedure once we receive your request.  Customer satisfaction is our sole aim for and so we work hard to complete your work efficiently and on time.

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Client Testimonials

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Jay B South Hamilton

“Mayer Tree Service’s crew was phenomenal. Raphael, Leo, Alvaro, and crane operator Jason were efficient, and safe. You can count on me using Mayer again”

Don H Hamilton

“Mayer Tree Service always does a phenomenal job whenever I hire them.”

Why Mayer Tree?

Tree Service Experts
Our staff is industry certifide for tree removal service.
State of the Art Equipment
We pride ourselves in using the most updated saws and pruning equipment.
Licensed for Wenham, MA
In a moment's notice, Mayer can be in your area.
We Recycle Trees
All lumber we take from your property is put to good use.
Emergency Tree Service
24 hours, Mayer is completely prepared to launch crews if a storm brings down trees in your yard.
Fully Insured
Trust in a professional company to handle your tree removal needs.

Mayer Tree is the company for you!