Three Top Tasks to Maintain Optimum Tree Health Care

The health of your trees, turf and gardens determine the comfortable level and appearance of your property. These three tasks help homeowners to maintain optimum tree health care, using organic plant health care and the expertise of your tree service company.

# 1 – Monitor the Soil Condition

Plants of all sizes, from a majestic tree to newly planted grass, draw nutrients from the soil. Homeowners need to be sure that the soil remains in peak condition and full of those nutrients necessary for plant and tree growth.
Adding organic matter, such as compost or compost tea, helps to regenerate the soil. A regular application schedule works best. It’s wise to avoid products that can deter soil condition, such as de-icing salts and chemically-based fertilizers.

# 2 – Diagnose and Treat Disease Right Away

Catching a disease before it spreads too far will keep your property in prime condition. Monitor the trees in your yard and invest the help of your tree service company to inspect foliage, branches and trunk for signs of disease.
Treatment for tree disease depends on the condition and severity of the issue, but most often includes three steps:
* Removal of affected or infected portions
* Boosting the tree’s health with water and organic plant health care products
* Removal or avoidance of those conditions that triggered the initial problem

# 3 – Enforce Pest Control

Ask your tree service company to provide a list of potential pests in your region. Local media and neighborhood horticultural societies may also have this information. Watch for beetles, flies, bees and other bugs that feast on foliage, burrow into branches or inflict any other kind of damage on your trees. Use natural and organic products to deter pests, and research traps and other preventative methods before the pests arrive.
Mosquito and ticks can also present a problem in your yard, although they harm people instead of plants. Talk to your tree care company about ways to reduce or eliminate the mosquito and tick population, providing your family with a much more comfortable outdoor living space.

Optimal tree health care is within your reach. With regular inspection and organic plant health care, your trees and other plants will thrive and provide a lush environment for you to enjoy.